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Property Management

Trempel & Associates assist foreign investment in real estates by research, due diligences and administration. Based on experience, a network of affiliated companies and a competent staff we serve you to expand your business, optimize your net profit and minimize typical problems of real estate investments in Germany.

Beware of the negativ legal invironment and jurisdiction in Germany but don`t miss the opportunities. Berlin and many other locations east of the river Elbe are compared to London, Rome or Paris "interesting". Prices are still low and future profits higher than elsewhere.

What we offer is

  • full Property Management Services

  • Dept collection and reporting

  • care taking

  • administration

  • financial services

  • trustee servicete

  • due diligence - legal, tax & technical -

  • legal and tax consulting aso.

Frequent mitakes ...

refer to VAT-issues which are normaly not regarded as important. The opposite is true in Germany.

Investors should check

- any VAT-Statement of seller side before closing and avoid a take over of tax losses or liabilities

- the national heritage legislation and restrictions for investments

- be aware of special laws of protection of tenants in areas of low income or historical background

- real net profits of the objects

- aso.

what else

The Firm

The Law & Tax Firm of Trempel & Associates

Service Company Formation

Company formation in Germany by Trempel & Associates: Incorporation, Accounting, Management Assistance, Tax- and Legal Advise, cross border...

Due Diligence

Sorgfaltsmaßstab "Prüfung des Investitionszieles"

Feasibility Study

Machbarkeitsstudien sind in vielen Ländern Genehmigungsvoraussetzung, auch in Deutschland übrigens, wenn es um die Ansiedlung z.B. chinesischer Unternehmen geht.


Gründung von Büros, Niederlassungen oder Tochtergesellschaften im Ausland.

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